Software Engineer Internship Spread Sheet

SWE Tech Interview Prep document

I recently shared on an Instagram takeover the method I use to organize myself while studying for technical interviews as a Computer Science student, how I keep track of internships I have applied to and companies I want to apply to.

I was surprised to get quite a few messages asking to share these spreadsheets so I put together a template where you can keep track of the companies you want to interview with, among a few other things that have been useful for me to track. Download to full document from Google Docs by clicking any of the images below, or the link at the end of this page.

Here’s a list of what these speradsheets include:

Knowledge Gauge

Use this section to reflect on any gaps there may be in your knowledge and what you need to focus on more during your study sessions.

Weekly Study Plan

This section is designed to help you come up with a sustainable and realistic study plan. Feel free to choose which are your days off and what type of activity you will be focusing on any given day of the week.

SWE Internships

The SWE Internships page helps you keep track of links to Internship (or full-time) positions at all the companies you want to apply to. Track when applications open, whether you have applied, when, if you have heard back, and any notes from communications with recruiters.

Problems Database

And last but not least, my favorite section: the Leetcode problems database. Well, I use it to track Lettcode problems, but feel free to track problems from any site (HackerRank is another one I use a lot). I like to use it to keep track of what problems I have already worked on, how long it took me to solve it, if I struggled, and notes on what I struggled with to review later on.

I hope you find this document helpful and that you make it your own to fit your own work flow when studying for interviews.

Download the full document from the View Only Link here.