My Notes from DESIGNATION Conference

IMG_2175 copy

This conference was really something extraordinary. It’s been eight months, and I’m still inspired by the words I was able to capture from those two days. Back when I wrote my first post about Designation (read it here if you haven’t yet), I promised I would digitize my notes from the event. Then school happened, and I didn’t get around to putting this together, until now.

designation notes1

I didn’t want to let 2018 end without me sharing these notes. I tried to keep them as neat and tidy as possible, but keep in mind that I was writing this a mile a minute, trying to capture every juicy thing that was said. So you’ll definitely find lots of misspelling and unfinished and/or weird sentences resulting from the ultimate brain dump.

Regardless, I hope you’ll find them insightful, inspiring, and that they may lead you into the new year with excitement for everything you’re about to achieve.

designation notes

These notes include topics related to design, tech, marketing (and how they all relate to one another), why it’s important for companies to invest in design big time, insights into how to be a better learner, improve your career, work for a cause, reach your goals, and much more.


designation notes0

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