PHOTO DIARY #1: Buddhist Temple Birthday Trip

For my birthday this year I felt called to go inward and explore both myself, and new places that speak to my inner peace and highest self. I had been wanting to visit this Buddhist temple for a couple of years, but the long drive south felt intimidating for a while. Not anymore, though. I was ready and it was time.

So, I got in my big white minivan, that has seen so many more places with me already than I ever expected, and has lived through so much with me these past three years, and set out on my birthday trip. Just us and the open road.

It wasn’t too long of a trip. An hour – hour and a half during rush hour. But it was enough for me to reflect on all the great things that have happened this past year, and most importantly, the amazing people that have come into my life.

This beautiful, peaceful, and vibrant day on my own would not have been as blissful and sweet if I didn’t have such loving people to share my experiences with afterwards. 

The temple itself was closed that day unfortunately (gotta start planning trip número dos there), and I only discovered this after arriving. But I still would have made the trip out had I known before hand because it was a beautiful morning. Hopefully my photos convey just how gorgeous the day and temple grounds were. 

I hope you enjoy my photo diary ♡

Buddhist temple groundsIMG_0755IMG_0763Buddhist temple entranceBuddhaBuddhist temple groundsBuddhist temple groundsBuddha


Buddhist temple detailsBuddhist temple garden

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