For the first installment of my new series “Book Of The Month” I’ll be sharing with you the book I read for the month of May – which, in all honesty, took way more than one month to read.

A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose” – Eckhart Tolle

This isn’t a light, quick read by any means. The concepts that Eckhart Tolle discusses in “A New Earth” are dense and thought provoking. As he says, you’re either in an expanded state of consciousness (even if it’s just a flicker of it) and ready to receive these messages, or they might not resonate with you at all. It all depends on your current journey and where you stand. Maybe you pick up this book now and you can’t get through it; but you try again after certain experiences and you might devour it, feeling identified with certain aspects of it, and finding even greater expansion through new concepts.

This is somewhat similar to how my relationship with this book evolved. I ended up reading it over the course of a few months. Firstly due to it’s dense nature. I really wanted to sit with the things I was reading and process them slowly. Secondly, because I just didn’t want it to end.

As you can see above, I took the time to underline and color-code passages based on their subject matter. This is something I started doing when I read one of my favorites for the second or third time (“The Art of Happiness”), and it worked out so well for me that I decided to do it often with books of this kind that are ooze wisdom. Now I only need to open up to one of my markings and I can quickly revisit something that resonated with me or felt important at the time.

If you’re currently on an active journey towards unveiling your higher-self, reading anything by Eckhart Tolle will probably speak to you deeply or, at the least, give you something to deeply ponder about.


  • An important lesson I got form reading this book is that it’s not about how fast you read a book and how many you can read in a week/month/year. What matters is how you spend time with the book you’re currently reading, and how you are processing the information. I spent about 8 weeks reading this one, and I learned to stop rushing myself.
  • The value of disassociating ourselves from labels (not just the ones placed upon us, but most importantly from the ones we place upon ourselves) and transient things.
  • The tremendous value of just BEING.
  • Getting closer to my awakened consciousness.
  • Excellence in what I do comes from being fully present and engaged in my current activity.
  • Identifying what is true self, and thoughts/reactions from my higher self, from what is ego.


Notable Passages

“Not what you do but how you do what you do determines whether you are fulfilling your destiny. And how you fo what you do is determined by your state of consciousness.”

“The present moment is confused with what happens, confused with content. The space of Now is confused with what happens in that space. The confusion of the present moment with content gives rise not only to the illusion of time, but also to the illusion of ego.”

“Form means limitation. We are here not only to experience limitation, but also to grow in consciousness by going beyond limitation. […] Those limitations either keep you trapped in egoic reaction […], or you rise above them internally by uncompromising surrender to what is. The surrendered state of consciousness opens up the vertical dimension in your life, the dimension of depth.”

“Nonresistance, nonjudgement and nonattachment are the three aspects of true freedom and enlightened living.”

“When we are awake within the dream (the world, relatively real but not absolutely) , the ego-centered earth-drama comes to an end and a more benign and wondrous dream arises. This is the new earth.”


Overall, this is a wonderful book and one that will provide you with rich lessons and value, but your mind must be open to receiving. Quite denser and more esoteric than other work by Tolle, so I would definitely recommend starting with his first book, “The Power of Now”.

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